Helping students stress less and achieve more.

Renée Bailey is a youth speaker inspired to make sure that today’s high school students and college students are equipped to do their best, without the stress.

As a university student, Renée faced a ton of challenges and she often felt she was alone in handling them. It felt as if Renee was the only one experiencing any worries about the new academic rigors, social scene and new found financial independence. When she started teaching at the university level, she discovered how very wrong she was because every student faces different pressures and a ton of stress when they step on a college campus.

Since then, speaking to high school and college students about furthering their education is a passion of mine. The most important thing to her, as a promoter of education, is to make sure students are prepared for stresses that they will experience in college. They need to know and, Renée would argue, are sometimes desperate to know, how to proactively handle the stress and succeed; where success is defined not only by academic achievement, but success in life.

Renée’s goal is to give students the tools they need to decrease their stress and anxiety about the college experience. Students need confidence to get their higher education and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls that cause too many students to drop out. As a speaker, Renée gives key tips and useful tools for successfully navigating higher education.

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No Stress College Success

45 Minute Program

This speaking engagement is great for High Schools, Community College organizations, 4 year Universities, Sororities, Fraternities, Youth Groups and other student groups. In this 45 minute speaking engagement, Renee will go through the key ingredients every student needs to know to handle the stresses of college life.

Whether speaking to high school students who don’t know what to anticipate in college, or freshmen college students managing academic stress, finances and social activities but possibly struggling, this talk can help. Every student – no matter their financial background or family history – should be able to achieve their goal of obtaining a higher education. The tips given in this program will help them get there.


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