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One quiet afternoon…

July 28, 2020

My husband is upstairs asleep, and the living room is nearly silent as I type up some work on my laptop from the comfort of my gray overstuffed couch, with my stocking feet up on the dark stained wood coffee table standing in front of me. My two black and white tabby cats snore loudly in their slumber, curled up next to me on both my sides. I think to myself, “Now, this is the life”. I’m comfortable and focused on the words I am typing when the ringing of my phone startles me.

“HI, I’m calling from Business Talk Radio and we’d like to interview you…”

What a surprise! A very good surprise! I don’t know what jolted me more, the phone ringing or the idea that a radio host wanted to interview little ol’ me! But, of course, I happily obliged. In this interview, we talk about college, COVID and business. It was a fantastic experience and I thank Business Talk Radio for the opportunity.

Give it a listen, here: